About Us

Our Story and Team

Kneenano, originating from Korea, is a pioneering company specializing in acupuncture-based products. Renowned for its innovative approach, Kneenano focuses on enhancing blood circulation and alleviating pain through the use of advanced technologies, particularly in the field of acupressure.


Onam Park

35 years healthcare experience

Ewha Womans University Hospital

8 yrs. acupuncture experience


Michael Gehles

Long history of succesful projects

4 years of blockchain experience

Tech Advisory

Fabian Bäumler

5 years of blockchain experience

CTO for several successful projects

Head of Marketing

Kang Seok Bong

7 years Network Marketing

Financial Manager

KyungSook Park

35 years Korea Telecommunications Financial Division

8 years acupuncture experience


JungRan Lee

Graduated from Sungui Women’s art University and Incheon Catholic art University.

Ninano Acupoint 6 years

Project Manager

BoYoung Han

20yrs experiance in Health Management.

3yrs working for Acupoint