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Kneenano Patch

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Main components (90% silicon: 10% rare earth elements)

The bioenergy and rare earth elemnts in the body meet to facilitate the circulation of energy and blood, anytime, anywhere. It aims to break through clogged tiles and blood and immediately remove pain. The cause of pain is due to impaired circulation of air and blood, so it is a portable tool that can immediately eliminate any pain as long as it improves the circulation of air and blood.

Kneenano, created by acupoint reseacher and KNA ambasador Hyoungboo Moon , is a product that has been proben to be excellent for blood circulation and various types of pain by stimulating the acupuncture points in our body.

TOP for muscles
FLAT for joints
SUNFLOWER for multiple muscles


The reason why it was made by mixing silicon and rare earth elements: Attaching hard substances such as wood or gemstones to the body can cause wounds all over the fragile human body. To prevent such side effects, we made the product by diluting silicon and rare earths. The closest material to the human body, silicon, leads to an electrical reaction between the body’s bioenergy and just a light stimulus to the right blood spot to maximize immediate effectiveness. We made a product by diluting silicon and rare earths that are harmless to the human body. Immediate pain relief and harmless to the human body through natural combination with rare earth elements, which can cause an immediate reaction with bioenergy, thus eliminating pain and unclogging blood vessels. This product was created for the purpose of smooth circulation of energy and blood in the human body.