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It is the best premium product designed to ferment (Enzyme treatment) and process only 60 kinds of natural ingredients, including 6 kinds of mixed lactobacillus, with it’s own technology, to improve the body’s immune System and to Release toxic and harmful substances from the body that can be the root cause of the disease.

What is an Enzyme?

An active protein, catalyst, that causes all living things, including humans, to move.

Since enzymes are involved in all the actions of human life, including brain activity and neural activity, muscle activity and internal motion, all functions of the body cannot function normally without the smooth production and action of enzymes.

Vitamins, minerals, and hormones can’t do anything without enzymes in the body, and if you continue to lack enzymes in the body, your bioreaction will slow down, you will be tired, your immunity will decrease, and you will easily get sick.

Therefore, supplementing enzymes from the out – side is essential and very important.

Main function of enzyme

  1. Blood purification process
  2. Decomposition emission action
  3. Cell regeneration action
  4. Digestive absorption action
  5. Detoxifying sterilization
  6. Anti – inflammatory antibacterial action

Method of Ingestion & Effect

  1. Take one bag once to twice a day, one to two hours after breakfast or dinner, with enough drinking water,.
  2. For those who have difficulty defecating,take one bag in the morning and one bag in the evening for the first two the three days (based on empty stomach),twice a day,with enough water.
  3. After comfortable bowel movements after 2-3 days, you eat only once (1bag)after dinner.
  4. It is recommended to eat after 1 to 2 hours after eating.
  5. It is recommended to adjust one or two bags depending on the individual’s constitution or reaction.