Our Ambasador

Mr. Hyoungboo Moon

We are pleased to introduce Hyoungboo Moon as our official ambassador. Mr. Moon is a certified Oriental Medical Doctor specializing in acupuncture and integrated alternative medicine.

Welcome to our official ambassador, Hyoungboo Moon. Mr. Moon is a distinguished Oriental Medical Doctor and a certified expert in acupuncture and integrated alternative medicine. His comprehensive expertise spans various medical domains where he successfully applies his knowledge.​


With certifications in acupuncture and integrated alternative medicine, Hyoungboo Moon possesses a profound knowledge that he applies across diverse medical disciplines. His specialization covers a broad spectrum of health challenges.

We take pride in having Hyoungboo Moon as our ambassador. His contribution strengthens our company and supports our mission. Explore more about his comprehensive expertise in acupuncture and integrated alternative medicine by visiting his YouTube channel.


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Areas of Expertise

Mr. Moon specializes in the application of acupuncture for various health challenges. His expertise spans a wide range of areas, including

Facial paralysis


Speech impediments

Degenerative arthritis

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Digital tunnel syndrome

Rotator cuff tear

Acupuncture Points

Chronic inflammation

Gait disorders

Back pain

Rheumatoid arthritis

Medical accidents

Traffic accidents

Knee, pelvic, and hip pain


Certificate Bachelor of Science
Certificate Oriental Medical Doctor

5 Minute Miracle

In addition to his practical work, Hyungboo Moon has published a book titled “5-Minute Miracles.” In this book, he shares insights, tips, and methods to bring about positive changes in life through short daily exercises.

5 Minute Miracle