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Revolutionizing Healthcare with Blockchain Tech

We pioneer healthcare evolution through blockchain tech. By merging acupuncture-based health services with secure blockchain systems, it champions accessible and personalized care. Empowering individuals to lead their well-being,


Connecting Needs

Briding companies and consumers. Using blockchain-health-based services, enabling seamless connections and accessibility.

Fostering Value

As companies and consumers find tailored solutions, the platform perpetuates a cycle of continuous enhancement, for healthcare landscapes.

Linking Consumers

A platform linking consumers with shared healthcare needs. Utilizing technology, it fosters connections and accessibility

Incentivizing Health

By incentivizing healthy behaviors, users can earn tokens, fostering motivation and commitment to their well-being

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Kneenano Platform

Revolutionize healthcare with our Blockchain-based platform, ensuring seamless data sharing, enhanced collaboration, and unwavering trust for a more efficient and secure healthcare ecosystem.

Fostering Collaboration

Effective patient care necessitates collaboration among healthcare providers, systems, and insurance carriers

Increasing Confidence

In the realm of sharing health data containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), trust holds utmost importance

Enhancing Efficiency

Blockchain offers a solution to enhance efficiency and interoperability by transitioning to health infrastructure

Discover The Kneenano Technology

Kneenano is a pioneering in specializing in acupuncture-based products. Renowned for its innovative approach, we focus on enhancing blood circulation and alleviating pain through the use of advanced technologies, particularly in the field of acupressure.


Q2 / 23

The Birth of a Foundation

  • Basic proof-of-concept and establishment of the Karma Foundation

  • Team recruits partner strategy consultants for marketing, supervision, and blockchain

  • Internet content development (websites, YouTube, social media, etc.)

  • Initial documentation creation, including a funding plan, draft white paper, and marketing plan

Q3 / 23

KNA Token Takes Flight

  • Software Development: Alpha Test Plan

  • Goals include KNA Coin Issuance, updating documentation based on the 2020 situation, listing on DEX exchanges, conducting alpha tests and expansion to reach 100,000 users

  • Alpha Fitback Soft Tuner Update

Q4 / 23

Platform and Global Ventures

  • Platform development completion

  • Goals involve alpha testing completion, detailed report generation, preparation for starting IEO, initiating mainnet development, and establishing overseas branches

  • Light Marketing Plan

Q1 / 24

Unleashing the Community Power

  • KNA token scheduled to be listed on 1st Top Tier exchange

  • Kneenano Mattress Online-Offline sales begin

  • Kneenano Chip Sales begin

  • Online Acupuncture Academy starts

Q2 / 24

A Year of Strategic Growth

  • KNA token scheduled to be listed on 2nd Top Tier exchange

  • Platform Development Plan

  • The second book “5 minute miracle” about acupuncture health to be published

  • Kneenano roller online sales begin

  • Partners and alliance plans

  • EIdorado a automobile engine natural additives sales begin


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Meet our exceptional team of dedicated professionals at Kneenano. United by a passion for innovation and wellness, we combine expertise in acupressure, research, and technology to bring you cutting-edge solutions.


Onam Park

35 years healthcare experience

Ewha Womans University Hospital

8 yrs. acupuncture experience


Michael Gehles

Long history of succesful projects

4 years of blockchain experience

Tech Advisory

Fabian Bäumler

5 years of blockchain experience

CTO for several successful projects

Head of Marketing

Kang Seok Bong

7 years Network Marketing

Financial Manager

KyungSook Park

35 years Korea Telecommunications Financial Division

8 years acupuncture experience


JungRan Lee

Graduated from Sungui Women’s art University and Incheon Catholic art University.

Ninano Acupoint 6 years

Project Manager

BoYoung Han

20yrs experiance in Health Management.

3yrs working for Acupoint